Song of the Moment: Debris – Theatre of Tragedy

In a post about the content of blogs, Weronika Jańczuk (a wonderful author) mentions having some kind of consistensy in your blog posts; something to give your blog a personal flavor.  Because music is such an influential part of my life, I’ve decided to do a “Song of the Moment” on the top of every post, similar to Weronika’s “iTunes Highlight.”  There is no real criteria a song needs to meet to warrant being placed in my Song of the Moment, but it will of course always be a song I genuinely enjoy.

“Debris” was picked for a very simple reason.  I like it.  Nell Sigland’s voice is as heartfelt as ever, the hook is infectious, and the metaphoric lyrics stay true to Theatre of Tragedy’s artistic edge.

We’re nothing but debris…